Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath and Butterfly Away Picture

Here are a few projects I've done in the past for my girls' room....past meaning that I didn't' have the forethought to take pictures for a tutorial.

I had seen this once on a blog long long ago and can not find the source of my inspiration...this is not my own creating. Some wonderful woman out there in blogland gave me the inspiration.

They're supposed to be flying off the canvas

Yes, I cut them out, one by one, by hand from a template I made.

I'm not finished. The girls room is going to be pink with white beadboard and I'm not sure if I want to paint this frame a darker shade of pink or it will stay this way until that happens.

Next is a coffee filter  brown paper lunch bag wreath, made with a scalloped circle punch and then added more butterflies. I'm not a wreath kinda gal, but I love it!..Although, it does seem to be missing something.

Similar to this one found at Amazon

Still seems like it's missing something...

The wall will be pink

I just love how it turned out!
There you go! I'm sorry I don't have a tutorial for you, but there are a ton out there. I hope you've been INSPIRED to create something of your own.


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