Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ruffle Pillow On The Fly!

Our wonderful puppy, Niah, partied a little too hard last night and ripped a hole in one of our pillows. But, not just any pillow. It was my youngest daughter's FAVORITE couch pillow. You can imagine the devistation when she awoke to find it sitting on my sewing table with it's stuffing spilling out.

Never fear! Mommy's here!....even though she had other things to do this morning. Lucky for her I had the SAME fabric I made the first cover out of almost 5 years ago. This time I'll make it better with ruffles! Here's what I did.

First I cut out peices of fabric measuring 17.5" square. Then I cut 4 strips of fabric 2.5" the width of the fabric....All under the strict supervision of my 2 yr old.

Supervisor approved of the fabric choice.

And she approved of the cuts made.

I don't have pics of the next few they are:

  • Sew strips short ends together.
  • Fold long strip in half wrong sides together
  • Create one long ruffle using preferred method. I have ruffle tutorials here and here.
  • Finish one end with a rolled hem.
  • Sew ruffle onto one square right side
  • Cut excess ruffle off and finish end with rolled hem...being sure to overlap ends. as shown in picture below.
  • Pin the other square on top, sandwiching the ruffle inside.
  • Sew both squares right sides together leaving an opening big enough to turn right side out and big enough to stuff pillow form inside.
  • Remember that the dog ripped the pillow form and quickly repair the hole.
  • Close opening with a hand stitch.
Overlapped ends.
Just ease the ruffle around the corner

Pin opening closed before handstitching.

Used the leftover ruffle to make a ruffle flower.
 Be sure to get the approval of your Supervisor's Supervisor (You can see her knee in the above picture) before you finish.

And here it is. She happier with her new one than she was with the old one.

Unbeknownst to her, Niah was sniffing out it's chewability already!!

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  1. You could make that "on the fly"? Gosh, you've got some talent - your pillow is lovely!


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