Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Antique 1907 Singer Sewing Machine

This is what I got (myself) for an early Birthday present.

My girlfriend and I were out thrifting and stopped at a little roadside fleamarket. That's where I found her. She not perfect and she's been used A LOT. I've always dreamed of having an antique sewing machine. Although the one in my dreams was shinny and new and in perfect condition. I brought her home and gently cleaned her up...she's missing her front drawer and needs a new belt. Other than that, she's in working order....

... Her name is Shirley, after the woman who taught me to sew... she's worn because someone loved her...and now, I love her.



  1. LOve your find! They are works of art...I have to confess I have an old rusted up one sitting in my herb garden. Love your blog. Now I am off to plunder...Sheryl

  2. Thank you! Enjoy your treasure hunt...Krista

  3. I just bought this exact? machine today:?)
    Do you happen to know the model number or anything more detailed about your beautiful machine?


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