Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reversible Table Runner Tutorial

I wanted to make a table runner for the buffet I had in my living room. I had some home decor weight fabric that would go perfectly, but I only had a piece that was about 42 - 43" wide. My buffet is 52" long. I really wanted the runner to go the whole length of my buffet but, the fabric is about $35/yard so, I figured I'd try to make it work.


Fabric A
Fabric B
Fabric C
Stick Pins
Rotory Cutter (optional)
Sewing Machine
Matching Thread
Binding Clips (optional)

Cut Fabric A and B to desired width and length PLUS 3/8" seam allowance.
Cut Fabric C in 3" strips. The number of strips will depend on the size of your table runner. To figure the required length you calculate  2xwidth +2xLength + 10 inches.

Sew your 3" strips together with a 3/8" seam allowance. Press seam open.

Press strip in half, lengthwise.
Press one side in 1/4" as shown in picture above.

Pin fabric A and B wrong sides together.

Place the unfolded edge of your 3" strip along the edge of your runner, being very careful to align all three layers together.
Leave 3 to 4" at the beginning as show in picture above.
Sew together using a 3/8" seam allowance.

Stop 3/8" from the corner and back stitch
Flip your strip up at a 45 degree.

Fold your strip back down folding it at the upper edge of your corner as shown in the pictures above.
Continue around the rest of the runner.
Stop 6 to 8" from where you started.

Fold raw edges in so they line up as shown in pictures above.
Cut excess fabric off your strip.
Press folds.

Pin together making sure to line up the pressed folds.
Sew along fold.
Press seam open.
Finish sewing strip to runner.

Fold strip (binding) over to the under side of runner. 
Press in place (except for the corners) and secure with binding clips or stick pins.
Don't worry that the corners aren't perfect. We'll press them again later. 
Hand stitch binding in place with matching thread using a ladder stitch.
Be sure to catch ONLY the under side of the fabric with your needle. 
It should not go all the way through the other side.
Be careful to place stitches so as not to let thread show on the outside.

Continue hand stitching binding all the way around.
When you reach the corners, sew binding all the way to the edge, fold fabric to make corner and continue along the next edge.
This may take some time and patience to get it just right. 
When you are finished, press the entire table runner.

I LOVE the fabric and the way it looks with the black buffet. It ended up being too small for what I had in mind. I think I knew this all along, but I had to give it a shot. 
It's now available in my ETSY shop. The reverse side and binding fabric are linen and the french script is a heavy weight decor blended fabric. I've listed it for cost. I'll be making a new runner...after the holidays.



  1. This turned out gorgeous! love the fabric you chose and the fact that it is reversible is just great. It looks like you are a very good seamstress. I love it!

  2. Thanks, Eileen. I appreciate that. It's always nice to know that a fellow seamstress likes your work.


  3. Bravo pour ce chemin de buffet il est très à mon gout!

  4. Wow! This is so pretty! Thanks so much for the tutorial, as well!

    We would LOVE for you to share this at our Home for the Holidays link party!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it!! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Friday! You did a great job.


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